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  • Creation of a Student Career Center
    Creation of a Student Career Center

    The purpose of this project was to create a Career Center at the Technological University Podillya (now the Khmelnitsky National University). The Career Center provides a variety of services for students, including instruction in career development, consultations, internship opportunities, etc. In addition, the Center is building relationships with businesses in the region and creating a database of employers.
    In January 2003, CSI initiated the creation of a Career Center, asking the Khmelnitsky National University to be a partner in implementing the project. With the support of the university, and also the involvement of U.S. Peace Corps (which sent a volunteer specialist, and later supported a proposal to finance a portion of the expenses for creating the Career Center), CSI was able to open the doors of the Career Center in June 2003, in a separate office at the university. With minimal outside financing and active involvement of partner organization and volunteers, the first university Career Center in Western Ukraine was created. After six months of the Career Center’s work, CSI presented the results of its activities to representatives of more than 20 institutes of higher education in Ukraine. As a result, CSI is now participating in the development of a comprehensive project to create a consultative center for employment and practical training at Ukrainian institutes of higher education.
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